Getting Used to a New Home in 3 Easy Steps

Have you recently moved into a new home? A study was done in the UK that showed that on…
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Have you recently moved into a new home? A study was done in the UK that showed that on average, it takes people four months to feel settled in their new home. This seems like a long time and people deserve to feel comfortable and safe in their new homes as soon as possible. If that sounds like you, then maybe you’re looking for tips on how to get used to your new home as soon as possible. Having your name on the lease doesn’t make your house a home. There are dozens of little things that you can start doing right away, as soon as you start unpacking boxes, that will help you get used to the new space. Fill up your square feet with belongings, start making new memories and you’ll be feeling as though you’ve lived there for years in no time. Moving is one of life’s most stressful moments, but here are three top tips to help you enjoy your new place!

Get to know your neighbors.


Getting to know the people in your street or neighborhood is an excellent place to start. After all, it’s often the people who make a home, not the location. Having someone to turn to when you’re unsure of something, or just seeing a friendly face next door when you take the garbage out can make all the difference in the world. Bake your closest neighbors some brownies, or take over some plant gifts to ingratiate yourself with your new street mates.

Once you have someone to talk to, you can turn to them for advice or help. This can be one of the most overwhelming parts of a move: having to do so much on your own or just with your family. To give you peace of mind, try to share the load with others if they’re willing. For example, they might be able to help you with phone call issues, like knowing how to figure out whose number is calling you. Small issues like this can take up a lot of time and headspace when you’re already stressed out, so don’t be afraid to reach out to other people if you need to. That way, every problem becomes smaller and you’ll feel more relaxed in your new home.

Don’t overcrowd your new space.


We accumulate a lot of stuff over the years, often without even realizing it. Moving house will force you to acknowledge how much stuff you have. Finding a new space for everything is a huge task–so why not make that job a little bit easier? Be brutal with yourself and offload as much stuff as you can. For anything that’s sellable, you can often get a fair price for its online auctions, stores, or other second-hand shops. Otherwise, you can always donate items to avoid them going to landfill.

If there are items that you just can’t bear to part with, but you can’t quite find a spot for in your new home just yet, then you could always look into public storage. For example, Mesa storage units are a great option for putting extra items in for a short while, until you’re able to find a decent place for it. Once you have more space without boxes piling up everywhere in your home, getting organized will be much easier. You’ll want to make your first few weeks or months in your new home a pleasant experience. That won’t be possible if you’ve got boxes and suitcases stacked everywhere. Put whatever is not essential into a good size storage unit, then come back to it when you’re in better control of the situation.

Make some personal touches.


If you’ve just bought a new home, then it won’t feel like yours until you’ve made the interior design changes that you’ve always dreamed of. Hardly anyone buys a home that is exactly how they want, so don’t waste any time in perfecting those areas that still need some work. Buy new furniture that better suits the personality of your home, or paint a statement wall a bright color that you’ve always loved. Whatever you choose, it will bring in a bit of your own personality and make you feel more in control of your new surroundings.

Another option could be for more than just aesthetics. For example, installing replacement windows in Hickory, NC can help bring in more natural light, as well as being a smart choice for energy efficiency. If you want to see more of your view outside from your living room and are looking for ways to bring down that electricity bill in winter, then window installation might kill two birds with one stone. Getting jobs like this done before you’re too settled in your new home is often a smart choice as your belongings are likely still in boxes, and so can easily be moved out of the way. As a homeowner, getting a new window could be a great way to put your own personal stamp on your new home.

Whatever you end up choosing to do with your new home, make sure you have fun with it as well. Buying or renting a home always comes with a huge amount of paperwork, so you’re probably looking for a break from all the admin. If you’re a beginner homeowner, remember that this is an exciting time for you. You only get to move into your first home once, so make the most of it. There’s always the next day to tick off more to-do list items, so make sure you take enough breaks to really be able to enjoy living in your own space. If you make sure to tick these three things off your list early on and relax enough to smile while you’re doing them, you’re sure to feel right at home in the new place sooner rather than later. Do your best to get that four months down to just four weeks, and your future stress-free self will thank you for it!