What To Bring Along on a Long Trucking Haul

A long trucking haul can be a great way to earn a substantial income in a large chunk. Regardless…
a large truck on the road

A long trucking haul can be a great way to earn a substantial income in a large chunk. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the trucking industry, you probably already know a little about truck rest stations and what will be available to you on the road. In thinking about what might not be available before you go, you’re sure to have a more comfortable experience. If you’re about to hit the road for a long haul, here are some last-minute items to think about packing.

The Comforts of Home


No matter what trucking association you’re affiliated with, you already know that warmth, safety, and the ability to connect to the people you love are important when you’re on the road. For women in trucking, who may be new to the male-dominated industry and might be involved with a mentorship program, it can be essential to feel safe on the road. While no one can ever guarantee your safety on the road, there are devices you can buy to help make life on the road safer. Asking a mentor about those will help give you peace of mind before heading out on this next adventure.

Aside from personal safety devices that will make you feel safer on the road, part of feeling that way is bringing with you the comforts of home. Whether it’s that favorite fleece blanket with your monogrammed initials or pillows from your own bed, you’ll sleep better with a touch of home in your cab. When packing for a long trip, bring your favorite blanket, a comfortable fleece jacket, and even playlists that remind you of home.

Ways to Stay in Touch


For many truckers on the long haul, the biggest obstacles center around how to stay in touch with friends and family while on a job. Whether you’ll be a rookie traveling for a FedEx freight load or are a private contractor with a long-time transportation career, being able to stay in close contact with the people you love will be important.

Items to consider bringing with you on the road include a Wi-Fi booster, spare cell phones, tablets, and other equipment to help you keep in touch with the people you love and who will worry about you. Extra benefits to bringing technology with you on the road include these gadgets serving as sources of entertainment, being critical resources for new job opportunities, and staying in touch with mentors and other truckers.

Extra Power Sources


While you’ll obviously have power from your rig, you’ll want to think about other sources of power for charging phones, hot plates, slow cookers, tablets, laptops, and other devices you’ll need while living on the road. Consider power banks with electric inverters to make life on the road feel more like home.

The option to eat take-out on the road will be there, but a home-cooked meal on off days could be less expensive. Consider a camping stove or portable grill for more control over your diet while traveling. If you plan to cook on the road, bring a cast iron pan, cooking utensils, basic non-perishable staples, and your favorite spices, too. Don’t forget that cooler or refrigerator if it isn’t already built into your rig.

In the end, no matter where the road takes you, your ability to stay in touch with the people you love, your overall comfort, and your safety will matter most. When making a list of items to pack for a long-haul trip, pay attention to how you live at home. Please think of the items you use in your daily life off the road and find new ways to bring them or alternative versions with you. A shower bucket, for example, could host your favorite soaps and shampoos that you use at home. Favorite towels, bedding, outfits, and even shoes will make life on the road easier. Happy travels to you, and don’t forget to pack your camera.