6 Dating Mistakes That You Should Never Make Again

Trying to keep up with dating rules is challenging. It seems each time you meet a new person, you…
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Trying to keep up with dating rules is challenging. It seems each time you meet a new person, you have to try your best not to screw things over. Knowing the right things to do in a relationship is not always clear or straightforward. Sometimes, it’s the stupid things you do that make you grow to a point where you can be someone’s lucky person!

We live, and we learn, so if you’re reading this article, it means you have probably encountered the repercussions of making dating mistakes. To increase the success chances of your next relationship, here are six dating mistakes that you should never make again.

1. Not getting her gifts.


Every girl loves presents, regardless of their primary love language. Failure to get your girlfriend presents can make her feel unloved and sometimes, unworthy. Remember that this doesn’t mean you have to go all out; instead, it is the thought that counts. Random practical gifts that’ll be useful as she carries on her daily activities are a great way to show her that you care.

For instance, if your girlfriend is a makeup artist or into cosmetics, you can get her a black liquid liner. Understandably, buying eye makeup can be tricky, especially when you don’t know what to expect. However, in this instance, the best liquid eyeliner should have a smudge-proof formula and matte finish. Additionally, the brush tip should be fine and easy to glide above the lash line. At the end of the day, you want your girlfriend to know that you think of her when you are apart. So you don’t have to wait until it’s her birthday or valentine’s day to get her a present.

2. Having a gross apartment.

Really, guys, we shouldn’t have to be saying this all the time. Clean up your apartment! Girls can be fussy when it comes to cleanliness, and this is why a dirty apartment can send them the wrong message about you. It doesn’t take much to have a clean apartment. All it takes is having organizational skills and the habit of returning things back to the right spots. To make organization easier, you can scout retail stores for Earthwise packaging containers.

For instance, try to get a jar and lid from Cooljarz as they’re a reputed company that specializes in making containers from FDA-approved and BPA-free materials at the lowest prices. Having a messy apartment is one mistake you should not repeat in your next relationship. Keep your home clean and organized at all times. Also, make it welcoming so that whenever your girlfriend comes around, she doesn’t freak out.

3. Not caring about your health.


If there was ever a competition for the most health-passive gender, men would take the cup without a second thought. That’s because health maintenance isn’t a part of the average man’s routine, and they don’t see the need to go to the hospital, except when they are sick or have sustained an injury. The downside to all this is that not only is it an unattractive trait to girls, but it also stops you from tackling life-threatening health issues timely.

A good example is the issue of low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction issues. You see, as men age, it’s normal for them to experience a decrease in their testosterone level, sex drive, and sperm count. However, if you pay attention to your health, you will notice this on time and seek a remedy like testosterone replacement therapy by Men’s Revival.

This treatment will help balance your hormone levels, boost your testosterone production, and preserve fertility. Noticeable results start to show from the third week of use. The bottom line is, you don’t need an evident health problem to take your personal care and wellness seriously. A girl will feel better dating a guy who maintains a healthy diet and pays attention to his overall health.

4. Not putting enough effort into your dates.

If your goal is to make your next relationship long-lasting, you have got to be ready to put in the required effort. Perhaps, in your last relationship, you didn’t see the need to plan the dates because your ex-girlfriend always handled it. The truth is, most girls will rather be with a guy who takes control of situations by making plans for the time they’ll spend together.

So learn to put in more effort and remember that “Netflix and chill” don’t count as a date option except you guys have been dating for a while. Even at that, you can make things more exciting by getting wine or an American India Pale Ale beer like malt backbone. American IPA is known for its fruity character, malt backbone, and ABV. They tend to a sophisticated citrus hop flavor and hop aroma, making them more appealing than regular beer.

5. Not being spontaneous.


It might sound silly, but many people like the thrill of spontaneity. Spontaneity keeps the sparks in relationships alive and eliminates the boredom that comes with routines. For instance, if your sex life seems to be boring, you’ll need to find new ways to spice things up.

Some guys struggle with being spontaneous sexually because they have sexual dysfunction. This means they typically have to wait for the blue pill to kick in before having sex with their partners. However, if you’re using the best male enhancement pills, this shouldn’t be an issue. The top male enhancement supplements are typically made from natural ingredients. They sometimes contain aphrodisiac tendencies like Panax ginseng, maca root, horny goat weed, Bioperine, mucuna pruriens l-arginine HCL, and l-methionine.

A natural product like this helps promote sexual arousal, increase blood flow, energy level, orgasm intensity, and gives you a firmer erection. As you will see in popular male enhancement pills like Vigrx plus and Cialis, they also come as a capsule. So don’t allow your penis size or erection strength to cause you sexual performance anxiety and stop you from having spontaneous sex with your partner.

6. Not making her a priority.

The typical woman was to be adored and praised. It would help if you seized every opportunity to make the girl you are dating feel special. Don’t allow other things to be more important than she is to you, as this will make her feel unloved. Remember that making her a priority also means being present as connecting with her. So, next time you are with your girlfriend, put your phone down and engage with her. Ask about her ambitions, her goals, and dreams, and listen attentively when she speaks.