A Guide To Moving a Parent Into Assisted Living

Your parents have been there for you throughout your life. They took care of you and raised you for…
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Your parents have been there for you throughout your life. They took care of you and raised you for eighteen years and continued to send you guidance and support as you grew into your adult life. The bond between parent and child can be incredibly special. After all the sacrifices they’ve made for you, there may come a time when the tables turn a bit. As your parents age, there may become a time they simply can’t do it all on their own anymore.

If there comes a time when you need to move your parents into assisted living, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you embark on this journey. Being a caregiver can be a difficult task to take on all by yourself, so you may need help to get your family member the care they deserve. Whether they’re struggling with memory problems or health issues, moving them into assisted living may be the best course of action. Give them peace of mind in their final stage of life with this guide to moving your parents into assisted living in loving ways.

Know when it’s time to move your parents into assisted living.


It can be a difficult decision to know when to move your family member into assisted living. Oftentimes, it means following any progress of the disease that they may have been diagnosed with. Especially with risk factors from a cognitive deficit, it may be time to get your parent the medical assistance they need. This is especially true for parents diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Monitor the stages of Alzheimers including cognitive decline, memory loss, and the person’s ability to function on a daily basis. With noticeable symptoms or a decreased ability to function, it may be time to help them through the progression of Alzheimer’s. Do your research and ask medical professionals when the best time is to move your parents based on their cognitive function.

Find the perfect movers to help you handle the transition.

You’ll have enough on your plate handling this transition for your parents, so make sure you have a great team of movers to help you with their possessions. Pack everything with your own organizational style to make sure you’re ready to go every step of the way. Hire a successful team of residential movers with years of experience that can help with each piece of furniture or meaningful keepsake. Whether you’re moving an entire house or a small move, experienced movers can give you a great experience that takes the stress away from you and your parents. Get to the new place and handle the entire moving process with care and a team that will carefully help your parents relocate.

Commit to the best assisted living facility that you are happy with.


As you’re moving your parents into assisted living, you can’t trust their care to just anyone. Do your research to find the best facility that will offer them empathetic care and excellent resources. Find a great option in your area so you’ll be able to visit and be a part of your parent’s life and daily activities. Commit to a high-quality facility that will guarantee a high quality of life for your mom or dad as they transition to this new space.

Prepare for a conversation with them about this change.

Ultimately, you may be making the decision for your parent’s move if they are experiencing issues with cognition or any disease progression. This means you’ll need to prepare for a conversation about their move. Approach this with tremendous care and consideration. Be open and honest while considering what they’ll need to hear to get them ready for this transition.