Can You Wear Hearing Aids While Hunting?

When you’re an outdoorsman with a love of hunting, you likely know the importance of staying safe. Most hunters…
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When you’re an outdoorsman with a love of hunting, you likely know the importance of staying safe. Most hunters have a wide range of safety gear, from safety locks on their guns to brightly-colored vests and shooting goggles to wear when on the hunt. That being said, one area that hunters are likely to overlook when packing for a trip into the woods is hearing safety. If you’re wondering more about aural protection while hunting, including whether or not it’s a good idea to wear hearing aids on a hunt, read on for more information. 

As you think about your ear protection as a hunter, it’s important to lay out some facts about hearing damage first. For starters, any noise over 140db is going to put you at a higher risk for hearing loss or damage. These are the sorts of conditions that can require attention from a hearing health care service like Sound Relief hearing center

Centers like Sound Relief offer help for a wide range of hearing conditions, including problems link tinnitus and hyperacusis. If you’re wondering which guns are safe to use to keep your ears healthy, the short answer is no guns. That’s because all guns, from rifles to smaller firearms like pistols, create explosive noises close to or exceeding the decibel threshold for hearing damage. This means that even one hunting trip can result in hearing loss that needs medical attention. A risk factor that high helps to underscore just how important it is to wear proper ear protection when you go hunting.

In some situations, your hearing condition may necessitate the use of a hearing aid. Hearing aids work by amplifying sounds using a small microphone and transmitting it to a speaker in your ear. Hearing aids are effective for addressing both conductive hearing loss as well as sensorineural hearing loss. While many people are embarrassed to wear hearing aids, a large majority of the population could benefit from using them. Even more, people don’t realize that advances in hearing aid design and technology have made them much harder to identify on a wearer. Regardless of whether your hearing has worsened because of your hunting hobby or listening to loud music, a hearing aid may be worth talking to your medical provider about. 

Most people who have hearing aids know that many modern hearing aids come with a noise cancellation feature helpful in eliminating abrupt, loud noises. This may lead you to believe that it’s safe to wear your hearing aids while you hunt since they can cut out during the louder noises caused by a gunshot; however, this is simply not the case. Despite advancements in hearing aid design, the noise from a gunshot is often too fast for a hearing aid to counteract. Even worse, a loud noise from a rifle or shotgun can even damage your hearing aid’s microphone. This can result in costly repairs or replacements, something you likely want to avoid when going hunting. As such, it’s a much better decision to just turn off your hearing aid and put in some earplugs or wear earmuffs when you go hunting.

Whether you’re practicing your aim on metal shooting targets, or are hunting with friends on a long weekend, it’s important to also consider what accessories you need, too, when hunting. One of the most crucial pieces of gear to shop for, whether from an accessory supplier like Bog or another reputable seller, is a pair of earplugs or noise-canceling earmuffs. If you’re serious about protecting your hearing, it’s an even better idea to combine both of these options. Wearing earmuffs over your earplugs will give you even more hearing protection, whether you’re on the range or out in the field. Remember, too, to turn your hearing aids off while shooting, so that you don’t further damage your hearing or your hearing aids.