Ideas for a Fun Florida Birthday in the Age of COVID-19

Your birthday is a huge event! It’s a day that is all about celebrating getting one year older and…
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Your birthday is a huge event! It’s a day that is all about celebrating getting one year older and wiser. This is a great opportunity to look back at the past year while spending time with the people that matter the most to you. There are plenty of different ways you can spend your special day doing all the things you love. As you’re planning your big day, prioritize the things you enjoy and opportunities to include a lot of people if that’s something you enjoy.

If you’re hoping for a happy birthday while living in or visiting Florida, the Sunshine State has plenty of options for you. Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that you’re celebrating in the midst of a pandemic. As Covid-19 continues to be an issue throughout the country, there are certain places you’ll want to go or different ways to celebrate your special day. Try to avoid large crowds or only go to places that are taking extra precautions. You can still have a fabulous birthday party in a great way, you just have to be smart while you’re planning. Here are some ideas for a fun Florida birthday, even in the age of Covid.

Empty your apartment and throw a great party.

Maybe this is the year you chose to throw a party at home for your birthday. Host something in your own space with a specific guest list to try and keep the risk of Coronavirus at a minimum. You may even look into extra space storage at a storage facility to help keep some of your personal belongings safe on your special day.

Leave unnecessary furniture or other items at storage units in St Petersburg FL so you can have extra space at home for your birthday party. When you have easy access to a storage unit you can trust, you can keep major appliances or dressers at a remote location for a better party. This is one of the big benefits of self-storage.

Enjoy a theme park.

Florida is known for being the theme park capital of the world. Parks like Disney and Universal have taken several steps to sanitize and make their locations safe for guests to attend. Celebrate your birthday at the most magical place in the world or get the best deal to enjoy a great location like this with your close friends or family.

Spend time on the beach.

If you want to spend your big day relaxing and chilling by the beach, you’re in luck because Florida has plenty of them! Enjoy a relaxing day laying by the water without a care in the world. You can celebrate your birthday by yourself or bring along a few friends to the birthday celebration. Make sure you have a great experience you’ll truly love by lounging on the beach and taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.

Get great food.

Being so close to the ocean means you have access to so much great cuisine while in Florida. Check out great seafood places on the coast or enjoy some of the local eateries you can find in the central part of the state. You deserve to treat yourself on your birthday, so do that with great, delicious food.

Party it up in different nightlife cities.

Especially if you’re living in a place like Tampa or Miami, there is a great nightlife scene to check out for your birthday. Get dressed up and go out dancing to ring in your new year of life. The goal of the day is to let loose and have fun with your friends. Do so safely at different bars and clubs in the nightlife areas of Florida.