Inspiration for the Ultimate Game Night

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has tempered our ability to hang out and gather with friends over the last two…
a group of people sitting on a couch

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has tempered our ability to hang out and gather with friends over the last two years. However, with recent trends and improving situations, it might be the right time to get the gang back together. A fun way to get your friends together and have a blast on a Friday night is with an ultimate game night party. An evening centered around friendly competition, snacks, and drinks is a great way to celebrate.

You don’t have to be a professional party planner to host an awesome game night that you and your friends will enjoy. Game nights are great fun any time of the year as you can set up activities inside or on the lawn, depending on your space and the season. Once you figure out the basics of your plan, you will need to consider your games, food, and drinks. Let’s look at some ideas for the ultimate game night experience.



The more games you have on hand, the more fun your party will be. Unless you are into card games like poker, playing more organized games with a larger group of people is usually a little more difficult. Consider games where smaller groups can play, or you can set up tournaments. Dice games, shuffleboard, oversized Jenga, and giant Connect Four are great options if you want to play bar-style games. You might also consider darts as an activity for several groups of people to play. Finding several dartboards will allow numerous people to play at once.

If you want to elevate your game night, you might consider finding arcade games for rent to create a Dave and Busters-style party. Pinball games, skeeball machines, and video arcade games are a great way to take your game night to the next level. If you are hosting a game night for families with children, arcade games will also be a great way to get the kids involved. Finding the right games for your game night will be essential to throwing a fun party. Consider your guests and the theme or vibe you want to create when selecting your games.



Depending on your games and the guests, your game night could run pretty late. You’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of snacks to accompany all of the fun you and your friends will be having. You probably don’t want to plan a sit-down meal as your game night is meant to be active with people all around. You should consider the same types of food that you would serve for a Super Bowl party. There are numerous finger food recipes that require minimal utensils and provide maximum flavor. Consider party platters, small sandwiches, veggies and dip, and other snack-type foods. You’ll also want to include a few desserts like cupcakes and cookies to round out your menu. Think about foods that will be easy to eat while playing games.



Depending on your crowd, you might consider having a mix of alcoholic game night cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages. If you don’t want to play bartender all night, consider pre-making cocktails. Drinks like alcoholic punches and margaritas can be made in larger batches and set out for self-service. For those guests who don’t want to drink and any children that may be at your party, be sure to include sodas and other beverages that they can drink as well. Think about the theme that you are creating or the type of party you are hosting when considering your drink options.

Hosting the ultimate game night for your friends to gather around dartboards and card tables is a great way to celebrate being able to get back together after the past few years. From picking the games to serving the best food, you can plan a memorable game night with some careful considerations.*-