Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe In and Around Your Swimming Pool

Having a swimming pool is a great perk, especially when those hot summer afternoons feel almost oppressive and you…
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Having a swimming pool is a great perk, especially when those hot summer afternoons feel almost oppressive and you need to find a way to cool off quickly. That cool water, though, can end up being a hazard both to your children and to your family dog. Often, dogs also love getting into the water, but if they get in and can’t get back out, they could end up drowning—an outcome that no one wants. Teaching your dog to swim is a good first step, but you should take other precautions as well.


Learn about some ways to keep your precious pooch safe from the dangers of a swimming pool so they stay safe even when you’re not around to keep an eye on them.


1. Install a pool safety fence .




One of the easiest ways to ensure your pup is protected and give yourself peace of mind while you are away from the house is to install a safety pool fence. This mesh pool fence is see-through, which gives you a full view of your pool but also keeps up a barrier that both children and dogs can’t get through. If you are concerned about your larger dog being able to break through, there are also specific pet safety fences that are designed to keep out larger dogs. The fence latches are childproof as well. This removable pool fence will allow you to keep the pool safe, but you can also remove the barrier when you are outside and can supervise anyone who may be using your pool.


Additionally, as a homeowner, this fence can provide extra security for you. Many areas of the United States require pool owners to keep their pool protected in some way so that children and animals cannot just wander into the pool. Check to see if the pool fence you choose comes with a lifetime warranty or any other sort of guarantee so that your purchase is protected. Remember, just because you have a pool fence does not mean that you should completely take your eyes off of the pool area. Parent supervision is the best protection for dogs, toddlers, and small children.


2. Purchase a dog harness to safely restrain your pup.


If you are out doing yard work or even using your swimming pool for exercise, then you may not be able to see that your dog fell into the pool and can’t get back out, which could result in them drowning. Instead of taking that risk, consider purchasing a dog harness with handle that will not only protect your pet and safely restrain them, but also will be comfortable and won’t hurt the dog’s neck if they pull too hard. There are different sizes of harnesses that will fit both small dogs like Yorkie Terriers and large dogs like Rottweilers. The breathable mesh of a harness will keep your dog cool while keeping them safe from any potential pool-related disasters.


3. Add an alarm to your swimming pool.


For a final layer of protection, you can add an alarm to your pool and even buy special collars that will alert you when they are submerged in water. The alarm is designed to detect abnormal motion in the water and will go off, telling you that something is amiss. Having these security measures in place will at least alert you to an issue, but, again, supervision of your dog is key to keeping them safe. You can also learn canine CPR so that you have those skills ready to go if, despite all of these measures, your dog still manages to get into the pool.