What Career You Should Have If You Were Born on a Cusp

There are a lot of astrological concepts that people like to take into account when planning their lives, including…

There are a lot of astrological concepts that people like to take into account when planning their lives, including the zodiacal implications of their birth date. Though most of us fall into the range of dates that make it easy to determine our astrological sign, some people are born right on the cusp of two different zodiac signs. Astrologers believe that being born on a cusp can influence your life in a variety of ways, and even make you predisposed to certain careers or intellectual pursuits. If you want to learn more, read on to find out which career you should have if you were born on a cusp.

What career should you have if you’re born on a cusp?


How exactly your birth date will affect your personality and your future career goals depends on which cusp you were born on. For example, those born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp who lead with Gemini have those traits dominate the expression of their sun sign. For Geminis, their primary assets are their sociability, intellect, and skill in communicating. Being close to Cancer can help Gemini individuals be more emotionally sensitive and compassionate, which can occasionally be a struggle. When the reverse occurs, proximity to Gemini can help Cancers be more analytical about their emotions.

When it comes to choosing a career, being born under the influence of two different signs can lead to success in many fields. Generally, fields that don’t rely on a strict routine or being in an office every day are best for those who are born on a cusp. Having varied interests and strengths as a result of your zodiacal background can make you uniquely suited to careers that require adaptability or outside-the-box thinking. Artistic fields are commonly pursued, though cusp babies can also make creative entrepreneurs and business owners.

Malliha Wilson is a great example of someone who has achieved the type of career that would be appealing to those who were born on the cusp between two disparate signs. This is in part because she’s had a diverse career, which would allow for the pursuit of varied interests, and because of her combination of the emotional and the analytical into her work. Her dedication to human rights shows a compassionate side, while her skill as a litigator indicates strength in analysis and attention to detail as well.

How can you learn more about astrology?


Many practitioners believe that the roots of astrology are connected to the earliest known civilizations. Over the years, archeologists have discovered lunar phases illustrated in cave paintings and carved into materials like mammoth tusks. The Sumerians, in particular, were diligent about tracking the movements of the planets and the stars. However, it was the Babylonians who created the zodiac wheel that we’re familiar with. The modern names for zodiac signs that we use today were taken from ancient Greek literature.

Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos has become one of the most celebrated and widely studied astrological works of all time. The core concepts of astrology like planets, signs, houses, and aspects were all explained and explored in Tetrabiblos. Over the following centuries, interest in astrology waxed and waned, but the discipline has remained popular for thousands of years and continues to be used even today. There are few other examples of practices that have endured for so long a period in human history.

Astrology may seem complex, and it can be, but there are a number of resources available both on and offline that can help you learn more about your zodiac signs and how they may affect your life. One area where many people turn to the zodiac for help is in making choices about their work. You may not realize it, but being born on a cusp may be a factor that you should consider when deciding on a career. If you’re intrigued by what the stars have to say about your prospects, you might want to take a look at your birth chart before you apply for a new job.

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