What to Do if a Car Accident Causes Hearing Loss

Individuals injured in a car accident can sustain multiple injuries, including whiplash, lacerations, traumatic brain injury, and hearing loss….
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Individuals injured in a car accident can sustain multiple injuries, including whiplash, lacerations, traumatic brain injury, and hearing loss. The types of injuries sustained are determined by several factors, including the cause of the crash and force of impact.

Drivers and passengers exposed to loud noise may be affected by tinnitus or hearing loss. Also, any other type of ear injury can cause tinnitus. People with tinnitus hear phantom ringing or buzzing in their ears. A ruptured eardrum or inner ear injury can also cause hearing loss. If you’ve been in an auto accident that caused hearing loss, there are some critical steps you should take to protect your health and your legal rights.

Gather information at the scene of the accident.


Take time to assess your vehicle for damage and exchange information with other drivers. You should provide them with your name and address, as well as the name of your insurance company and your insurance policy number. You should also provide your driver’s license number.

You’re required to report the accident to the police if anyone is physically injured or if the property damage exceeds the state’s preset minimum. Unless the vehicles only sustained minor scrapes, it’s a good idea to call the authorities to ensure police evaluate the accident scene and complete an accident report.

If possible, use your cellphone to take pictures of your vehicle and the other vehicles involved. Gather contact information for any witnesses. If other drivers refuse to provide you with their insurance information, take a picture of their vehicle’s license plate number to ensure that you can track the vehicle and driver.

You should also note any other factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as weather conditions, angle of the sun, or malfunctioning streetlights. Do not accept responsibility for the accident or try to determine the cause of the accident. You may be in shock and may not be aware of relevant factors that contributed to the accident. Rely on the police report when you contact your insurance company and speak to an insurance agent.

Hire an attorney.


Contact a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Personal injury lawyers represent people who’ve been injured in accidents. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and any medical costs you incurred as a result of the accident. Personal injury attorneys are familiar with traffic law and know what legal precedents support your case. These lawyers offer free consultations, which means you can discuss your situation without assuming any financial risks.

Your attorney can also negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your vehicle or any other possessions damaged in the accident.

Seek medical treatment.

Assess your physical condition and seek medical help immediately if you’ve received severe injuries. You may need to follow up with appropriate medical professionals to receive a comprehensive diagnosis for an ear injury or any other physical issues you may face.

Hearing loss may be either short-term or permanent. If you’re having difficulty hearing properly after your accident or hear buzzing in your ears, you should see an audiologist. Audiologists are medical experts who specialize in diagnosing patients with balance or hearing issues. An audiologist will determine the severity and cause of your condition. They will determine if there’s an effective treatment to reverse the damage. Hearing loss can be irreversible, and you may need to use hearing aids to compensate for your loss of hearing. Although there’s no complete cure for tinnitus, audiologists can reduce your symptoms by prescribing medication.

Auto accidents can be traumatic, and your quality of life may be affected if you sustain physical or mental health injuries. It’s common for car accident victims to experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following an accident. In addition to medical treatment to address your physical symptoms, you may need to seek counseling to learn how to manage PTSD or anxiety caused by your accident.

A comprehensive diagnosis and medical treatment records can strengthen your legal case if you need to pursue compensation following your car accident.

Apply for benefits.

You may qualify to receive disability benefits following your accident. Your attorney can inform you about benefit options to ensure you pursue all forms of compensation you’re eligible to receive.

If you’ve been in an auto accident, you should gather appropriate information at the accident scene, receive medical treatment, and hire a personal injury attorney to protect your legal rights. You should also consult a lawyer and review the accident report before accepting responsibility for the accident. You should also apply for benefits if you believe you qualify for them.