5 Common Problems With Old Houses

If you’ve just landed the old home of your dreams, or you’re currently living in an older home, then…
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If you’ve just landed the old home of your dreams, or you’re currently living in an older home, then you know firsthand that these homes come with some maintenance demands. Old houses, though incredibly charming, commonly need inspections, renovations, and updates. So, if you’re currently residing in an old house, then keep reading to explore five common problems that homeowners have with old houses.

1. Revamp the exterior paint.


One area of the home that shows its age fairly easily is its exterior. If the outside of your home is chipping or you need new paint on your stucco, siding, or whatever else you need, then check out these Phoenix painting contractors that will help with all your exterior paints needs. You can trust their painters will go the extra mile for an excellent paint job that will improve the overall look and curb appeal of your home.

Simply call to get a free quote for whatever paint job you require. From there, you can choose a paint color that will make your home look brand new. They’ll work with you to repair any spots on your home so that the exterior paint job looks incredible, Plus, with their attention and exceptional services, you can trust that their painting process ensures a long-lasting finish and a beautiful job well done.

2. Make sure to get new windows.


A fairly common problem with old homes is drafty or cracked windows. Investing in new windows is a smart idea because it helps to protect your home from your elements, and it improves the energy efficiency of your home saving you money too!

If you need to get replacement windows, then head to madcitywindows.com to get in contact with dedicated experts that delivers high-quality products like window solutions to homeowners. Go ahead and call Mad City today to get a quote on your desired replacement window services to bring life back into the exterior of your home.

3. Fix the old interior paint.


The EPA states that if your home was built before 1978, it’s more likely that you have some kind of lead-based paint in your home. This lead paint is sometimes present under layers of newer paint. If the paint is in great shape, it’s not usually a cause of concern. However, if your paint is peeling cracking, or, damaged then it may be a hazard and needs attention.

Make sure to patch chipping spots, scrape away the old paint, and then prime. After this, choose new paint colors so you can begin interior painting to create the ideal design you’ve always wanted.

4. Get rid of the outdated bathroom.


Another obstacle in older homes is that the bathroom is outdated. Say goodbye to the gaudy tile, the less-than-usable tub, and the tiny vanity too. Instead, trade it in for renovated bathroom additions that a remodeler will help you to create.

For example, have contractors put in new tile, a more modern shower stall, and a vanity with counter space and drawers that is function and beautiful too! By updating this part of your home, you’re sure to add value to your old home.

5. Have your HVAC system inspected.


The final quandary that you must consider when owning an old home is to get your HVAC system maintained. Even if you were living in a home with a new furnace, you’d still want to get this inspected every year so it’s working optimally. Let’s face it, old homes sometimes need more attention because they could be outdated and not very well-maintained systems.

For this reason, it’s a smart idea to have HVAC professionals come in and perform inspections on your heating and cooling system. This way, you get to rest easy knowing your home’s furnace is working to its optimal ability so you can feel safe and secure in your home.